All about:   Andrew McKay


Andrew was born in South Wales, descended from economic migrants from the North of Scotland.  He was seven when his parents moved to Somerset, concerned that their offspring were developing Welsh accents.  Andrew soon started saying things like "Oh ar moi dear" and "drink up thee zyder" - his parents weren't convinced this was much of an improvement.
Andrew eventually moved back to Wales (and his parents emigrated).  He's now been singing at folk clubs and playing the obscure Crane Duet concertina for more years than he cares to (or possibly can) remember. He writes songs for a hobby - because they don't die as quickly as tropical fish.  He sang for several years as a member of Baggyrinkle - the Swansea shantymen.



As a member of the Mudcat Café, Andrew took the name Crane Driver in reference to his instrument of choice - this convinced many people that he operated heavy lifting equipment.  When he produced his first CD of self-penned songs Pennbucky to Llangenny, he therefore coined the name Crane Drivin' Music.  See, we said it would become clear eventually.