Songs are for singing. Here are 46 of our songs, in two handy A4 books.  The books lie flat for ease of use, with each song spread across two pages.  We hope people will take these songs up and sing them.  But remember - the words and music are only a guide.  You don't have to do them exactly like this - we certainly don't!

Each book contains 23 songs.  "Harvest of Gold" contains our songs of rural Gower - not exclusively, there are a few 'wild cards' in there.  "Copperman's Yard" concentrates more on the industrial and maritime history of Swansea.  Both also include some of our more light-hearted songs.  There are also brief notes on the songs and period illustrations.

Order both together to save on postage - or buy singly.  Click on our cashier to visit the sales page.

 Harvest of Gold Copperman's Yard 
         Big Lil         All Washed up Ashore
         Bells of Santiago
         Captain Courtney's Mistake
         Black and White
         Childe the Hunter
         Bronze and Brass
         Closing of the Day
         By Harry
         Elephants' Teeth
         Cobre Days
         Have a Good Time
         Dead Reckoning
         Ireland Farewell
         Drinks at the Cuba
         Johnny Come Over the Hill
         Good Ship Skyvie
         Lifeboat Horses
         Harriet Lane
         Limestone Harvest
         Jerry the One-Legged Rigger
         Mary Baker
         Laying up Silver
         May No More
         Let Me Breathe
         'Orrible Lies
         Made of Wood
         Out the Sands
         Navigator Lady
         Pennbucky to Llangenny
         Old Jim Jones
         Pirate's Wench
         Poling Copper
         Rebecca's Daughters
         Queen of Swansea
         Reynoldston Tom
         Swansea Devil
         Silver and Sand
         Tomorrow Noon
         Tom, Dick and Harry
         Walk Her Away
         Too High (or else Too Low)
         Walkin' the Cut
         Weight and Measure
         Young Billy Young