All about:  Carole Etherton


Carole was born and bred in West Sussex. Perhaps the first of her musical performances was at the age of six when she treated all the neighbours to tunes on her xylophone. After being told at school that she couldn't sing (see - nothing changes) she taught herself to play the recorder much to the further frustration of her neighbours.




A visit to Horsham Folk Club in the late 1990's introduced Carole to folk music. She became a resident at the Lewes Arms and Mid Sussex Folk Singers and a member of the Mudcat Café, where she is known as SussexCarole. She was 'enlisted' into the Shellback Chorus in 2000 and enjoyed singing at festivals in the UK & USA. Carole especially enjoyed being at the Lancaster festival in 2004 when she met Andrew who was performing with Baggyrinkle - their wedding was in April 2006!

Carole now lives with Andrew in beautiful Gower. Having tried unsuccessfully to accompany her own singing by playing woodwind at the same time, Carole now sings accompanied by the Crane Concertina. Thankfully their neighbours like folk music (or are deaf).