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Concertinas are part of a large family of instruments including harmonicas and accordions.  Concertinas may all look and sound much the same, but there are at least six different systems, and in terms
of playing they are like totally different instruments.

Andrew plays the Crane duet system, which many people believe to be the most logical layout.  Many other people, of course, disagree.  This is perfectly normal.

There is a Crane Concertina site dedicated to this system, and you can find more information than you could possibly want at the Concertina Library.



Woodwind instruments  are another large family.  As well as the orchestral woodwinds, they include whistles, recorders and a whole host of mediaeval instruments.  Not only does the same instrument often have several names, the same name is often used for quite different instruments.  This is perfectly normal.

Carole's main instrument is the tenor cornamuse, the larger instrument above.  The other instrument is a modern copy by Phil Bleazey based on the oldest known recorder, found in the ruins of a thirteenth century castle near Dordrecht in the Netherlands.  Nothing much is known about either, apparently.