They give a common theme to much of this album - shimmering silver, solid stone and shifting sands.  Add a measure of social history, local legend and humour.  Populate with tavern wenches and cockle women, quarrymen, soldiers and sailors, a cunning smuggler and a disgruntled architect.  Not to mention the ballistic lighthouse-keeper.  Another collection of mostly self-penned songs in the traditional style, which we hope you'll enjoy.


Andrew McKay - vocals, duet concertina
Carole Etherton - vocals, whistle, tenor cornamuse

Silver, Stone & Sand
Crane Drivin' Music CDMCD1003


   1  Have a Good Time
        It isn't a sin and it isn't a crime

 For sample
clips from the tracks in blue,


   2  Stones
        A song by Jon Heslop about - stones
   3  Old Jim Jones
        Not the poacher who got transported
   4  Limestone Harvest
        More stone
   5  Closing of the Day
        Blackbird sings
   6  Navigator Lady
       Woman leading the way
   7  Laying up Silver
         Is like laying up sand
   8  Out the Sands
         Fishing for cockles
   9  Captain Courtney's Mistake
         Contraband troubles
 10  Gargoyles
        Stones with attitude
 11  Cobre Days
        Copper and mosquitoes
 12  Pirate's Wench
        Doubling her doubloons
 13  'Orrible Lies
         Don't try this at home
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 14  The Swansea Devil
         Old Nick himself

 15  Silver and Sand
        More silver.  More sand
 16  Poling Copper
        Another heavy metal number
 17  Johnny Come over the Hill
        Three musketeers on Gower
 18  Let Me Breathe
        An incident from the Great War