We've always had a soft spot for Characters, the larger-than-life folks who give us something to talk about.  Here we present a truly "characteristic" collection, good characters or bad, humorous or sad, witty or downright silly.

Andrew McKay and Carole Etherton


Andy Baker, Bridget Hayne, Chris Richardson, Ken Simpson and Joy Toole


Crane Drivin' Music CDMCD1002

  Down in a Diving Bell
Trad arr. McKay/Etherton
For sample
  clips from the tracks in blue,


© Maria Cunningham - the straw man
  3  Walk Her Away
        Dockside capstan shanty
  Icy Acres
        © Colin Wilkie - farewell to the north
  Harriet Lane
     Actually an early tinned meat product

  Big Lil
       Campaigner for safety on Hull trawlers
  Shirley's Little Sunburnt Spot
      © John 'Mitch' Mitchell - a sore point
       The end of the Swansea oyster fishery
  Love Now Let Me Call Your Name
      © Brian Ingram - a love song
10  A Smugglers' Song
       Rudyard Kipling - ponies at night
11  Too High or Else Too Low
     A tale of itinerant metal work - or not?
12  Childe The Hunter
     Dark deeds on Dartmoor
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13  Mary Baker
     Portsmouth New Hampshire, USA


14  Laszlo Feher
     East European song trans A L Lloyd
15  May No More
     Maggie May's side of the story
16  Tomorrow Noon
     Emigration to the New World
Songs © Andrew McKay & Carole Etherton except where otherwise marked