Andrew's first CD of self-penned songs - plus a couple of traditional tunes - with the help of some of his musical friends. Some tracks from this CD are now available as free mp3 downloads here

Andrew McKay
- vocals, duet concertina
Andy Baker, vocals, guitar; Joe Parsell, harmonica, percussion
Ken Simpson, fiddle, mandolin, mandola
Tony Beddow, Dave Robinson, chorus

Pennbucky to Llangenny
Crane Drivin' Music CDMCD1001

  All Washed Up Ashore
     Hurricanes and drinking dens

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  Made Of Wood
     The ship's carpenter is an important man
 3  Poling Copper
       A hard way to earn your pay
 4  Young Billy Young
       Adventures with the French
 5  Cobre Days
       Profits set ahead of public safety


 6  Lifeboat Horses
       Horses have minds of their own
 7  Mumbles Hornpipe Set (tunes)
       Two Welsh tunes from our area
 8  Jerry the One-Legged Rigger
       A true story of triumph over adversity
 9  Bronze and Brass
     Everyone depended on copper
10  Drinks at the Cuba
     Last drinks ashore
11  Dead Reckoning
     Old skills made redundant
12  Greenholme/ The Ivy House
     Two more traditional dance tunes
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13  The Queen of Swansea
     Death in the frozen north

14  The Good Ship Skyvie
     Don't take this one too seriously
15  By Harry
     Sometimes survival is victory
16  Navigator Lady
      Britain's first female ship's officer
17  Pennbucky to Llangenny
     Coming home can be the hardest part

18  Elephants' Teeth
     The teeth are out there somewhere

All songs © Andrew McKay
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